We are a group of practitioners who support the voice, body, and mind through modalities such as voice therapy, body work, trauma work, psychotherapy, lifestyle coaching and embodied awareness practices. We are here to work with the general public as well as those who depend on their bodies and voices professionally.

Over the coming weeks, the practitioners of Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative will share thoughts and offer practices to mobilize resources within us to cope with this stressful time. While we all are giving up a great deal now for the greater good, we can join in our healing community to add new and life affirming behaviors and perspectives that may last well beyond this pandemic crisis.

Please consider yourself a welcome member of our community, as we stay connected through our shared journey of learning, healing, and growing together through this challenge.

For contact information and to learn more about the services offered by the Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative

Our offices are located at 433 Broadway in Providence, RI